Michelle Ingram


Michelle is a talented and passionate artist with over fifteen years of experience. She is a gifted colorist and loves a color challenge. She excels whether she is adding subtle highlights to perfectly accent a new haircut, or taking on a difficult indepth & complicated color correction.

Michelle is a self-professed "education junkie." She is always attending classes and seminars on different and new product lines and the latest techniques & trends.

Michelle began her love affair with color early as a teenager, despite one of her earliest experiences coloring her own hair with supermarket box color and accidentally turning her hair brown, auburn AND GREEN! Probably because of this her father advised her to go to business school, but she secretly attended Cosmetology School anyway! Today her father brags not only about her success in business, but her expertise as a hair colorist. Perhaps that early haircolor disaster is the inspiration why she loves to fix other people's color mishaps!

Michelle is an avid reader, devouring anything by Jody Picoult. She loves to bake, so one of her favorite weekend activities is mixing up a batch of chocolate chip cookies with her kids. She is obsessed with Johnny Depp, can't resist brownies, and loves a Cosmopolitan Martini. (although not necessarily, and probably not all at the same time.)

Michelle lives in Webster with her son Sam, twin daughters Ava and Molly, little black cat Reggie Baby, and rescue-dogs Lucky and Bean.


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