Melinda Marinaccio


Melinda (Minnie) has been making people look and feel their best for 20 years in both New York and California. She is a passionate hairstylist and believes hairstyling is an art; her clients are her living canvasses. She is an expert colorist and absolutely brilliant with finish work and up-styling.

Never content with the status quo, Melinda is continually perfecting her craft with advanced education and attending trade shows. Her commitment to continuing her training resulted in her accreditation as a national educator for the California-based Enjoy Professional Hair Care products. (a product line she personally intends to help sweep the east coast) As an educator, she very much Enjoys (pun intended) not only keeping up with, but actually setting the latest trends and styles!

Originally a Rochester native, for 11 years she lived and worked in upscale salons around Pasadena and Hollywood. Melinda counts several celebrities among her clientele and has styled hair for both the Grammys and the Oscars, as well as some independent video sets. She knows some fascinating people, and may share a story or two...

You may be surprised that this fashionista did not discover couture until long after high school. Little “Minnie” was a tom-boy and didn't like wearing dresses. Now she feels she has the best of both worlds. These days she's likely sporting baby spit-up on her attire, as she welcomed a beautiful baby girl in July 2010. (So if you see it on her clothes, please tell her because she doesn't always know its there!)

Melinda loves to bake and cook. She loves Star Wars, movies based on comic books (Minnie always wished she was a superhero with “powers o'plenty”), cooking shows and even the occasional reality show. She is inspired by music and art, and feels there's a song for every moment and mood.

She enjoys the simple things in life the most: a nice sunny day. spending time with her daughter, her husband and family, her cats Georgie and Proximo... and her Converse shoes. On a warm sunny day, Minnie and Damian can be spotted with baby in tow at the public market, or at local art shows and festivals.

Melinda will inspire you. She believes living your life is less about “what you get” and more about “who you become” by the journey. Above all, she thinks you should live life to the fullest, be who you are, love whomever you want... and to smile.


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