Salon Policies

(just some business stuff we gotta get outta the way)


Missed Appointments

It happens. Something comes up and you can't make it to your hair appointment. That's okay, we understand. All we ask is that you call us with enough advanced notice that we can also adjust our own schedule.

Please call at least 24 business hours (Tuesday 9AM - Saturday 2PM) before your missed appointment.

Without adequate notice, we will be unable to adjust our schedule. In this case, your appointment is considered a "missed appointment" and you'll be asked to pay for half of your missed appointment at the time of your next service.

In cases where you "miss" your first-ever appointment, or two or more appointments, hair services will be available to you on a day-of, walk-in basis only.



Wedding days are more unpredictable than any other day. It is important that we are prepared for anything you may need, so we book a little more time and more stylists than usual. Sometimes we book the entire morning and sometimes the entire day is booked just for you.

This is why wedding hair is often more expensive than other events.

To reserve the time and stylists for your day, we require a deposit of half of the total services at the time of booking.

Up to 30 days before the wedding, changes may be made to the reservation with a full or partial refund if applicable. Within 30 days of the wedding, additions to or subtractions from the wedding party might be able to be made, but no refunds can be given on the deposit.

The remainder of the bill is required on the wedding day and due only based on those who actually get their hair done that day. (example: a bridesmaid is planning on attending but at the last minute cannot attend - she will not owe the remainder of the bill, but will not be entitled to a refund on the deposit)

Your Guarantee

We stand by our work and we want you to LOVE it!

If for any reason you don't love your hair, we want to know about it and we want the opportunity to make it perfect!

We want you to LOVE your hair, so if it is just a "tweek" it will always be absolutely FREE to you.

Also, if your stylist made a mistake, did bad work, or didn't give you what you agreed to during your consultation, there will be NO CHARGE to you to make it right.

Of course if your stylist gave you a good consultation, did good work, and gave you what you agreed to... and you don't love it, you are ALWAYS welcome to change it. In this case, we'll ask you to pay for that change.

A completely different haircut is considered a completely new service. And a different color is considered a completely new service.


Youth Prices

Although chasing your child's head around the chair, trying to cut a straight line without cutting their ear off is challenging... usually children's haircuts are less "picky" than adult haircuts. For this reason, they are less expensive.

So when does a child pay adult price for a haircut? We don't have a specific age requirement, rather we let the hairstyle dictate how much is reasonable.

Our rule of thumb - If she is genuinely still a "little girl," she will pay the youth price. But if your daughter is "13 going on 30" expect to pay the adult price.