Veg Dining in Rochester We Love!



The Red Fern - an entirely vegan menu including entrees, sandwiches, salads, breakfast all day, fresh juice, smoothies, house-baked pastires, beer and wine. Prepared from scratch in-house using locally sourced and organic ingredients.

Always order the daily special! I also love the Buddha Bowl and the Steak Bomb.


283 Oxford at the corner of Park Ave
(585) 563-7633


Dogtown Hots - its been so long since I felt like I could indulge in "sinful" food like a greasy burger and fries! Dogtown Hots has a vast menu of specialty hotdogs and sausages with influences from around the world. The menu has so many veg options, I can come back again and again and never get bored.

Every Thursday, they introduce a new veg burger, and the soup-of-the-day is always veg!

Rochester is famous for its "plates" and Dogtown has their own plate for vegetarians. Bring your meat-eating friends!

691 Monroe Avenue, near Oxford
(585) 271-6620


Orange Glory Cafe - is a trendy little cafe on East Ave specializing in upscale sandwiches and salads, open solely during weekday lunch hours. They usually have at least 2 vegetarian options that are really delicious! (right now, I'm craving the spicy lentil burger! yummmmm!)

Open Monday - Friday 11AM - 3PM

240 East Avenue, attached to the main entrance of the Little Theatre
(585) 232-7340


Burger King - No. I'm not kidding.

Order the BK Veggie Burger with "everything on it": ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, on a sesame-seed bun. I tell them to "make it like a whopper, with a veggie burger, but no cheese or mayo." It's surprisingly not so bad!

Be sure to "hold the mayo", to make it vegan & cruelty-free, and cut 9 grams of fat!!

Only 340 calories and 8 grams of fat (without the mayo). Compare that to the Whopper, with a total of 700 calories and a 'whopping' 42 grams of fat!


Owl House - Rochester's own hipster-trendy.. arty.. casual... quality... foodie... restaurant.

I've never once ordered off the menu here. I always go for the specials, which change daily and have never failed to blow me away. Every night they offer a few options for the meat-eaters with corresponding options for the veg folks, so its a great place to go when eating with a mixed crowd. And don't skip the appetizers; even the most basic are thoughtful and housemade.

I like to have my first drink at the bar, where I can watch the bartender (who is more like a mad scientist) perfect his creations.

75 Marshall Street
(585) 360-2920

Chipotle - I eat here more often than I'd like to admit. But it's good, healthy whole food on the run. And besides, when you cut out the meat and dairy, it's still damn filling and comes in at only 400 calories!



Flavors of Asia - Soutwedge restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese food. I regularly get the Papaya Salad, Ho Fun with veggies, and the pan-fried veggie dumplings. Yum!

831 South Clinton at Meigs


Aja Noodle Co - unique, urban contemporary Asian cuisine. Yummy yummy yummy! Almost every dish is available vegetarian! Ask your server for suggestions.

2602 Elmwood Ave at Twelve Corners
(585) 244-1052

Golden Dynasty - the staff at this Chinese restaurant are very attentive, helpful & are clearly proud to serve only the best quality food! When I mentioned I was vegetarian, they handed me a FULL PAGE menu with veg options. They made helpful recommendations and even offered to specially prepare food that wasn't even on the menu! (They made me a really tasty vegetarian Vietnamese Pho which I will definitely get again!)

If you like smokey and spicy, get the Jalapeno Tofu... I've been thinking about it non-stop since I was there last!

Don't be put-off by the fact that this restaurant is in a plaza. It's very nice inside, very delicious, and I'd be surprised if it didn't become one of your favorite places to go!

Tops Brighten Plaza, 1900 South Clinton
(585) 442-6340

Hot Pot at Yummy Garden - traditional "create-your-own" hot and brothy soup from China. A really great meal for socializing and a wonderful way to warm up in the winter!

You will choose a broth (the vegetarian broth is available but not on the menu) and the extras to go in the soup: one or maybe two if you're REALLY hungry as a generous portion of Chinese vegetables are already included.

While you wait, go to the sauce bar and create several custom dipping sauces. (this is the most important part and the most fun!) When the soup comes, you will cook your ingredients individually for a few seconds... or minutes depending on the item (not unlike fondue), dip it in your sauces and eat!

If you are unfamiliar with hot pot, I recommend watching a few videos on Youtube. It's not complicated at all, but can be confusing if you're just walking in the door without a clue what to do.

2411 W Henrietta Rd
(585) 368-9888






Amaya - Their website says "Modern Indian Flavors Transformed into a Contemporary Gourmet Experience" and I can't say it better. It's such a pleasant surprise simply to walk in the door. Other Indian restaurants tend to be shades of the same buffet and 1980's ramshackle decor with greatly varying degrees of cleanliness. This restaurant is refreshingly upscale.

The food is outstanding! I've never had such thoughtfully prepared and well-balanced Indian food. Bite after bite, I was "oooo"ing and "mmmmm"ing. It's a great place for a quiet date for two or for a group going for a nice dinner out.

I was really happy to see the vegan choices are clearly labeled on the menu.

Only one odd note: The actual name is Amaya Bar & Grill, which I find strange. There IS a bar but it certainly isn't the focal point and I can't imagine anyone coming just to hang out and drink. And "Grill" conjures images of burgers and steaks, which are obviously not on the menu. (who cares, right?)

Tops Brighton Plaza, 1900 Clinton Ave
(585) 241-3223

Thali of India - Live music every Friday and Saturday evening. The buffet on Sunday afternoon and Mondays after 5PM is an AMAZING way to sample many different vegetarian dishes, and a great way to try Indian food if you are unfamiliar with it. Each dish is clearly labeled and denotes which are vegan.

Win-Jeff Plaza, Corner of Jefferson and Winton Road.
(585) 427-8030


Haveli Indian Cuisine - phenomenal lunch buffet! The most choices of any Indian food buffet in town and it's almost entirely vegetarian! I'm totally addicted and have to force myself not to overeat. For $8.95, it's a really good deal for really good food!

1635 E. Henrietta Road.
(585) 427-0430



Aladdin's Natural Eatery - the salads are so fresh and delicious, they don't need dressing! I'm a fan of the Pine Nut Salad, and the Falafel Pita Roll is awesome if you are in the mood for a wrap. The soups are hearty and are a meal all by themselves. Try the Vegetarian Chili (yum!) or the hearty Lentil Soup, and in the summer the cold Gazpacho.

Each Aladdin's restaurant is independently owned an operated, and the quality of the food is dramatically different at each. I ONLY recommend the one in downtown.

646 Monroe Avenue near Oxford
(585) 442-5000


John's Tex Mex Eatery - stuff yourself for five bucks! Tasty Ameri-Mexican food that is easily vegan friendly... just ask. No explanation required. Normally I don't really like tofu, but this is specially seasoned and spicy. I love the Tofu Tacos and the Mexican Plate with Un-Beef!

Every Monday they have a special vegan entrée. Get it. It's always off the hook!

489 South Avenue, corner of South and Alexander
(585) 232-5830


Sol Burrito - let me sum it up: Tofu Tacos!

Look. I know what you are thinking. Tofu is yuck. But that is where you are wrong. That is where I was wrong! Just go. And order. And moan with pleasure!

I crave these. It's ridiculous!

521 Monroe Avenue near Goodman
(585) 271-6470


La Casa - my favorite sit down Mexican restaurant and it's in the Southwedge.

After eating my bodyweight in chips and salsa, I always struggle deciding whether I'll get the Sopes or the Veggie Enchiladas. I don't, however, struggle with whether I'll have another margarita.

93 Alexander Street near South Clinton